{shop} new USPS stamps

I am one of those people who likes a little personality on my postage.  I hate when there are no interesting offerings at the Post Office! When I got married the USPS had the great Eames stamps, and we used those instead of the traditional wedding stamps.  Now, they are offering these awesome Abstract Expressionism stamps that I am loving.

I also like these Adopt a Shelter Pet stamps, which come out at the end of the month.  We got our dog Deniro from the SPCA and I think it is really important to raise awareness about adopting, instead of buying, pets.

And if you need further convincing, check out this sweet face:


April 2, 2010. shop.


  1. april replied:

    I have those abstract stamps! I ordered several sheets right before they came out. I love when they do artistic stamps. I haven’t seen the shelter stamps, so they may be my next stamp. Thanks for sharing them and another shout out to the wonderful Maryland SPCA!

  2. chow vegan replied:

    OMG, I thought I was the only one who refuse to buy the plain ol’ forever stamps. I always have to get the interesting stamps. I remember the Eames ones, they were great. 🙂

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