{recipe} blueberry muffins

We had family visiting this weekend, so we made a yummy Sunday brunch (which I, of course, forgot to photograph).  Hubby made his famous caesar salad, and I made a potato leek frittata and blueberry muffins.

This Martha Stewart recipe for blueberry muffins is, hands down, the best muffin recipe I’ve ever made.  They are so delicious!  Someone in the family, who will remain nameless, ate 4 of them.

We also had more peonies (told you I can’t get enough).

from Whole Foods

from my friend Kerry's garden

 Happy Monday!

first image from MarthaStewart.com, peony photos by me using ShakeIt App for iphone.


May 17, 2010. recipe.


  1. Jane replied:

    mmm fresh blueberry muffins sound so amazing right now! and those peopnies are stunning – they’re larger than softballs! sounds like a perfect sunday family brunch*
    xx, jane

  2. tony b replied:

    The meal was delicious, and it looked stunning. (I was not the 4 muffin man)

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