{wear} sun hats

I used to refuse to wear a hat or sit under an umbrella when I was at the beach (and also frequented the tanning bed), but have since seen the error of my ways and now wear SPF 30 and bring a hat to the beach.  I like my beach hats big and floppy.  I think they make you look glamorous while keeping the sun off your face.

My go-to hat is a big floppy straw one.  I think this is the one I have from Everything But Water:

My friend Emily just bought this hat, which is super cute and comes in fun colors. I really like that it is packable!

How cute is this Juicy Couture Pom Pom Straw Sun Hat!?  I LOVE THIS, and it’d go with all your swimsuits.

This Striped X-Large Brim Hat is so Old Hollywood.  This is perfect for sipping fruity drinks in your cabana.

This Helen Berman Striped Straw Hat is also glamorous, but a bit more understated.

The Aqua Floppy Hat with Crochet Trim is simple and adorable.

This Jessica Simpson Floppy Hat is super large and super fabulous.

I like the metallic accents on this Bop Basics Crochet Raffia Sunhat.

Love the striped band and the pattern on this Juicy Couture Open Weave Sunhat.

The big beads on the Lola for J.Crew Sun Hat are unexpected and make this hat super special.

This Gap Floppy Straw Hat is also fantastic and a great steal at $29.50.

I think it may be time for me to invest in an additional hat for my summer wardrobe…


May 26, 2010. wear.

One Comment

  1. Mary replied:

    I think I may buy a hat and build a cabana!

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