{eat} ladurée macarons

One of our Trustees at the Museum where I work was recently in Paris, and brought us back some heavenly Ladurée macarons.  I’d never had them before and I was not disappointed.  They are almost too beautiful to eat.

I’ve tried to make macarons several times with mixed results.  I think I’m a pretty good baker, but those things are really difficult to get right!  These french lovelies have inspired me to try again, though.


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June 16, 2010. eat.


  1. Jane replied:

    heavenly* there’s really nothing like a good macaroon. xx, Jane

  2. kittylwrenphotography replied:

    I eat and photograph these little babies all the time x

  3. KK replied:

    I was in Paris last week and spent way too much time (and $$$$) at Laduree!

    May I ask where you got the macaron poster from that is in your post? I did not see this at the Laduree gift shop but would love to have a beautiful souvenir.

    • coutureandcupcakes replied:

      I just found the poster online, I don’t actually own it – although I would LOVE to as well! Sorry to not be more help – I haven’t found it anywhere to purchase either!!

  4. Heather Hubbard replied:

    OMG! Im in love!!!! I want to go back to Paris just to go to Laduree. I MUST have this poster!!! We all want it…its got to be available somewhere…pls let me know if anyone finds it. Its so gorgeous!

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