{wear} tweed jackets

I would really like a new tweed jacket for the fall.  I like collarless tweed jackets and I’m looking for something that’s classic, but has a little personality.

LOVE this one from Ann Taylor Loft – I think it is my favorite.  The shrunken silhouette and chain details are fantastic.  Plus, I think they are having 30% off soon.

This Halogen Crop Collarless Jacket at Nordstrom is adorable, and on sale.  I actually tried this on during the Anniversary Sale, and really liked it.

Love this Coco tweed jacket by Free People.  The puffed sleaves and curved hem are really cute.

I guess chain detail is the thing this year – Plastic Island Black Magic Tweed Jacket also features chain detail, and is also awesome.

This tweed jacket at Talbots might be nice, although the fit could be too boxy.  It’d be worth trying on.  And speaking of Talbots, how great are their new ads!?

Of course J.Crew has two great tweed blazers.  But they need to send out a Fall coupon code!

Happy Weekend! xoxo


September 10, 2010. wear.


  1. April replied:

    Love these! Thanks for fall fashion inspiration!!

  2. Aunt Charlotte replied:

    Love these Sarah. But afraid I am old enough that a collarless tweed jacket will just make me look like an old lady! Guess it’s how you pair it…

    • coutureandcupcakes replied:

      You will not look like an old lady! Just wear it with jeans or trousers instead of a matching skirt. And wear a t shirt underneath instead of a blouse.

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