{shop} temple st. clair for target

I stopped in my local Target the other day and checked out the new collaboration with Temple St. Clair.  It is really great!  The designs are lovely and the pieces look substantial and well made.  They are 14 karat gold over brass, so I think they have a much nicer look then some of the previous jewelry collections at Target.  I didn’t buy anything, but I have my eye on a few pieces.

I really like this charm bracelet, which incorporates several of the designs for Target.  I’m always a sucker for a gold bracelet and I think this one is great.

This three stone cuff bracelet is really cool in person.  I like the blue/green combo.

I also like the matching three-stone ring. 

These pomegranate earrings are whimsical without being ridiculous.

I think that this Target collection is a really great, inexpensive alternative to Temple St. Clair’s fine jewelry, which is incredibly beautiful.  Here are some of my money-is-no-object favorites.

At $30,000 this Sapphire cuff is no joke.  It is fabulous.

This peridot cuff has a similar feel to the three-stone bracelet for Target. Definitely a greater, car-sized committment at $18,500.

There are also rock crystal amulets that are to die for.

For now, I will stick with Ms. St. Clair’s Target designs, but the real stuff is definitely worth admiring!


September 13, 2010. shop.

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