{shop} for the dogs

As you know, we have a sweet, crazy pup at home named DeNiro (after Robert, because he has the same birthmark on his cheek), and I love shopping for fun, stylish pet wares for the little guy.

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Once we buy a house, I am definitely getting one of these fantastic wall-mounted hanging feeders from These Creatures for the puppy.

The standing feeders are super cute too.  Much chicer than the blue plastic feeder DeNiro currently uses.

Since he’s finally out of his chew and destroy phase, I might consider getting him one of these fabulous dog beds from Blue Blood

Deniro is too much of a terror on the leash for these leads and collars, but they are lovely.

And finally, Trixie and Peanut has the most adorable dog tags and charms, and if my husband didn’t constantly remind me that we have a BOY dog, I would deck him out in sparkling charms.

I think if any boy dog could rock some jewelry, it’d be one named DeNiro, right!?

Here's DeNiro with his bff Rocky.


October 4, 2010. shop.

One Comment

  1. mary replied:

    I think Belle might like some bling! And I definitely like the wall mounted feeders better than her big, ugly gray stand.

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