{wear} over-the-knee socks

I was all about the over-the-knee socks in middle school.  My favorite outfit involved a pink pair with a black jumper and pink baby tee. *shudder*

Well, the over-the-knee socks are back.  They are thicker, with more texture, this time around and I love them with boots and tweed shorts or skirts.

At Nordstrom:

At Shop Bop:

At Bloomingdales:

J.Crew showed them in their Fall 2010 Collection:


Here’s my take – 2 different looks featuring over-the-knee socks.


Over-the-knee socks 1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Over-the-knee socks 1 by coutureandcupcakes featuring J Crew

over-the-knee socks 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

over-the-knee socks 2 by coutureandcupcakes featuring J Crew


July 27, 2010. wear.


  1. jane replied:

    LOVE the knee sock look, but I’ve never felt like I could pull it off. Perhaps I’ll be inspired this fall… we shall see:)
    xx, Jane

  2. Katie replied:

    I have a whole outfit already planned for the knee sock look this fall: the very tweed shorts you mentioned and short boots, both of which I got at the anniversary sale. So excited!

  3. B.J. Keefer replied:

    Thanks for showing the world the wonders of JCrew. Recently starting working for them in the call center – taking calls from customers and retail associates from all over the country – last weekend 3 calls from Hawaii! I LOVE our stuff – the fall line is AH-MAZIN’ if I do say so myself! Keep sharing!

    • coutureandcupcakes replied:

      I didn’t know you were doing that, BJ! I hope you get a nice discount! 😉 J.Crew is my favorite!

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