thanksgiving {eat}s

We’re spending Thanksgiving with Husband’s family, but I like to bring some of my own family dishes along.  My grandma always made this velveeta broccoli casserole topped with ritz crackers.  As a general rule, I don’t eat velveeta (yes, I know, it isn’t even really cheese), but I grew up eating it on Thanksgiving, and if nothing else, I am a firm believer in tradition.

I’ll also be doing the baking.  Pumpkin and apple pies. YUM.

Since we liked it so much, I’m making this pumpkin pie again.

And I bought this new pie dish for the apple pie.

The salesman at Williams Sonoma told me it’d change my life… I’ll let you know if it happens.

I also bought the fall version of these to decorate the apple pie.  They were already on sale for $10 last night.

Happy, happy Thanksgiving! xoxo Sarah


November 24, 2010. eat. 1 comment.

{eat} lemon meringue tart

My husband works in IT now, but before that, he went to culinary school and cooked in restaurants.  For my birthday, he made me his incredible lemon meringue tart.  I love the sweet, cookie-like crust, the tart, creamy lemon curd, and the light meringue topping.  It is really delicious, and my favorite dessert. YUM!

Thanks, hubby!  I love you.

July 20, 2010. eat. 1 comment.

{eat} ladurée macarons

One of our Trustees at the Museum where I work was recently in Paris, and brought us back some heavenly Ladurée macarons.  I’d never had them before and I was not disappointed.  They are almost too beautiful to eat.

I’ve tried to make macarons several times with mixed results.  I think I’m a pretty good baker, but those things are really difficult to get right!  These french lovelies have inspired me to try again, though.


June 16, 2010. eat. 5 comments.